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Just Stop" is a proprietary herbal formula designed to ELIMINATE nicotine cravings and help you on your road to stop smoking.
For most smokers, withdrawal symptoms begin within two hours of quitting and can take months to subside, which most often results in failure to quit.
When taking "Just Stop" cravings, irritability and other common withdrawal symptoms usually subside within the first few hours with no known side effects.
By taking the proprietary encapsulated blend of herbs as directed, you, can anticipate being free from nicotine dependency and a happier, healthier smoke-free life will lie ahead. 
Twenty minutes after their last cigarette:
  • Heart rate begins to drop back toward normal levels
Two hours after they quit:
  • Heart rate and blood pressure will be close to normal
  • Increased blood flow will start to warm the extremities
  • Nicotine withdrawal symptoms begin at this stage, with intense cravings, anxiety, tension or frustration, drowsiness or difficulty sleeping, and increased appetite
All these symptoms are greatly reduced or eliminated with "Just Stop"
Twelve hours after they quit:
  • Carbon monoxide in the body decreases, allowing the oxygen in the blood to return to normal levels.
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