Bone Broth Fasting

I am on day eight of a BONE BROTH fast. I feel great and have a lot more energy. I will say the first 2 to 3 days were tough. I have been testing my urine with Keto sticks and I am in moderate Ketosis.  With BONE BROTH I am not hungry and I don't have any kind of sugar cravings. I did have a little red wine on Saturday night and I stayed in Ketosis. My plan is to do 2 days a week fasting on BONE BROTH and eat a Keto diet the other days. I have noticed my abdomen  is not bloated and I have definitely  lost weight all over. Collagen is a huge benefit to drinking  BONE BROTH and my skin is improving. Most important I'am using my ReHydrate to stay hydrated with my BONE BROTH diet.. Feeling great and I will keep posting.


Yours in Health,


Jane Snyder