ReHydrate Reviews

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M.D. Ft. Lauderdale
I am a certified fitness and yoga instructor, it doesn’t matter how much water we drink if our cells don’t absorb it. I learned how to improve cell hydration through Dr. Gary Snyder and by using ReHydrate. I have noticed that I do not get as thirsty, my skin fills smoother and overall I know I am helping my body process the water I drink.

K. Darnels Fort Lauderdale
I LOST 12 POUNDS USING ReHydrate and it improved my kidney function.

V. A.
I have been constipated for over 30 years and tried everything to correct this problem. When I started using ReHydrate it completely fixed that and I have better consideration at work.  I will always use this product.

J. Robbins West Palm Beach
It helps me stay rehydrated.

T.  Smith Fort Lauderdale
We use ReHydrate every day. My husband’s skin was almost like leather and with ReHydrate it is much softer. I carry it in my purse so it is always with me.

H. L.   Davie
I am 29 years old and I can see a difference on my legs and skin. When I Have a night out drinking WITH MY FRIENDS ReHydrate cures my HANG OVER.

J. S Fort Lauderdale
I ski every year in Breckenridge Colorado and I use ReHydrate so I won’t suffer from altitude sickness.  It has cured my vaginal dryness and my skin looks younger than my 53 years. It helps me to keep my weight in check.

I am a flight attendant and flying really dehydrates me, however when I use this product I feel so much better.

JustStop Reviews
Dr. Snyder gave me Just Stop to quit smoking and ReHydrate to keep me from gaining weight while I quite. I am amazed because it took away my cravings for nicotine and I actually lost a few pounds because of the amount of water I was told I needed every day with the ReHydrate. I feel much healthier not smoking and drinking plenty of water.

C.L Fort Lauderdale
I have been a smoker for over 26 years and have tried to quit for the past 6 years. I've tried the patch and the pills and have failed many times until I tried Just Stop.
It gradually lowered my craving until I stopped thinking about cigarettes and was actually turned off by the smell and taste. Just Stop also gave me a sense of calmness and
relaxation. My lungs feel lighter and happier every day




First review Just Stop reduced my cravings and it worked very well. I did not feel withdrawal symptoms. I was able to make a smooth transition from cigarettes.