1. Respiratory Ailments:

Having MULLEINPLEX can help you combat a number of respiratory ailments and conditions like cold, cough and bronchitis. It can also offer relief from sore throats. Its anti-bacterial properties help cope with inflammation and infection.

Besides, it helps discard excess mucus from the throat and nasal passages. You may offer this  to kids suffering from colds without worrying about any side effects.  

2. Relief From Tuberculosis:

Several studies are being conducted today to establish that Mmullein can be used in the treatment of tuberculosis, skin diseases.  A number of them have also shown conclusive positive results. But did you know? Way back in the 16th century, Mullein was used to treat cases of tuberculosis. One 19th-century experiment conducted at Dublin also indicated the herb’s ability to aid in battling the ailment. It has expectorant and anti-bacterial properties.