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                            The dangers of Cellular Dehydration.  

                The importance of “Re-Hydrating” at a Cellular level.



Lack of proper hydration or “dehydration” is at epidemic levels today. Most people don’t drink near enough water, and the fluids they do drink are not hydrating. There’s not a single metabolic function that isn’t directly or indirectly dependent on proper hydration.


 Water acts as a flushing mechanism in the kidneys and urinary tract and has a scrubbing effect on every cell in the body.  Without proper hydration, all organs are subjected to inordinate stress and inflammation (which precedes all disease). Our brain, working around the clock, requires more water than any other part of the body. An improperly hydrated nervous system cannot function at optimum performance. In fact, water is so important that at birth we are approximately 75% water. However, by age 70 it is estimated that human water percentage can be as low as 40%. Most people are living in a constant state of dehydration.


          According to many doctors,  researchers and scientists from the United States, Europe and Japan, cellular dehydration either caused, contributed to and/or exacerbated all health problems, especially those associated with acidic toxins, nutritional deficiencies, poor circulation and poor cell function. In the book “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” published in 1995, the author shares over twenty years of his own clinical research. He concludes that in half the visits to doctors every day, the patients aren’t sick they’re just thirsty, and that we could literally empty half the hospitals with proper hydration.  cellular dehydration.              


We are all complaining of symptoms and even being diagnosed with medical conditions that are in reality our body’s urgent cry for water. When we lack water on a cellular level and are unable to remove toxins, our bodies are faced with the destructive effects of free-radical pathology. Chronic disease is always accompanied by dehydration and in many cases caused by cellular dehydration.  Infectious agents cannot thrive in a well-hydrated body.


 Proper cellular hydration is simply one of the most crucial preventative and healing measures, anyone can take.


            Cellular dehydration is a major stress of critical importance. When the body’s water reserves are low, it initiates a priority water rationing system. Severe water rationing can cause heart attack, angina, joint and muscle pain , kidney malfunction . Unfortunately, getting water into cells is not as simple as consuming water. Water must be pure and charged properly to pass through a cell membrane. Essentially, all body functions needed for vitality are affected by “intra-cellular hydration”.  Even the slightest declines in cellular hydration, can have a negative impact on mental acuity and physical performance and development.


Dehydration can lead to:



Three Keys to Proper Hydration



  1. Drink the right amount of The formula for this is based on weight. Drink ½ oz. of water per pound of body weight or half your weight in ounces. (100lbs = 50 oz., 150lbs = 75 oz., 200lbs. = 100 oz., etc)
  2. Drink the right type of water. Any purified water is safer than tap water, but only spring water has natures balance of minerals which sets the ph at 7.0 to 8.0 which drinking water should be. Most other waters are acidic or too alkaline.
  3. Add one drop per ounce of ReHydrate to insure optimum cell utilization.




  • ReHydrate ensures optimum cellular absorption of water, which means your body can actually utilize the water you consume. Every cell in the body depends on water, and If water doesn't make it into the cells, water doesn't do you much good. Then, on a biological level, any and everything can go wrong.
  • As an homeopathic/herbal remedy, specifically formulated for hydration issues, ReHydrate supports kidney and other organ function related to proper hydration.
  • Proper cellular hydration may help improve many health conditions. In fact, recent research by a medical research group researching cancer  for the National Institutes of Health, suggests that chronic cellular dehydration may be at the bottom of most disease, including cancer. Their research found that a dehydrated cell and a cancer cell are microscopically identical. They also discovered that just drinking water did not solve the problem, 


  • These statements have not been reviewed or evaluated by the F.D.A.
  • These products are not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



  • These statements have not been reviewed or evaluated by the F.D.A.
  • These products are not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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