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  • ReHydrate ensures optimum cellular absorption of water, which means your body can actually utilize the water you consume. Every cell in the body depends on water, and If water doesn't make it into the cells, water doesn't do you much good. Then, on a biological level, any and everything can go wrong.
  • As an homeopathic/herbal remedy, specifically formulated for hydration issues, ReHydrate supports kidney and other organ function related to proper hydration.
  • Proper cellular hydration may help improve many health conditions. In fact, recent research by a medical research group researching cancer  for the National Institutes of Health, suggests that chronic cellular dehydration may be at the bottom of most disease, including cancer. Their research found that a dehydrated cell and a cancer cell are microscopically identical. They also discovered that just drinking water did not solve the problem, because the water was not being properly absorbed across the intestinal lining into the blood stream and then not getting proper cellular uptake. This is exactly what Dr.Snyder and Dr. Jack Hinze formulated ReHydrate to address, over 10 years ago. Remember, the first effect of dehydration in any area of the body is inflammation, which proceeds most disease. 

Proper cellular hydration can help and help prevent, many health conditions. Add ReHydrate to your health regimen and notice the difference immediately.

ReHydrate features:

  • Homeopathic remedies and herbs for cellular hydration
  • All natural product


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