Letter From The ParaDocs Team

Dr. Gary Snyder's "Just Stop" smoking cessation program is being reintroduced nationwide. Thanks to the many requests for its return and the recent availability of the specific herb formula, "Just Stop" is now available.


With the reintroduction of Dr. Snyder's remarkable "Just Stop" smoking cessation formula, smokers can end the devastating depletion of their health once and for all.


We are pleased to bring an enhanced  "Just Stop" program to the market.  "Just Stop" is a proprietary herbal formula designed to ELIMINATE  nicotine cravings and help you on their road to stop smoking.  


For most smokers, withdrawal symptoms begin within two hours of quitting and can take months to subside, which most often results in failure to quit.


When taking "Just Stop" cravings, irritability and other common withdrawal symptoms usually subside within the first few hours with no known side effects.